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July 3, 2008



Life was so wonderful,
So creative for Us,
For every humans being on the World,

Must and mustn’t just do it,
Don’t ever make our heart broke,
So don’t ever felt sad,
If we knowing about time,
Time with or without fairly,
So we just accept that for our brain,

Don’t think but just feel it,
Don’t hear but just look it,
Don’t deny if not true,
But say sorry if that true,

Not the end of the world if that mistakes,
Don’t kill it if not true,
Run is not the other way to go out,
But stay and defense you body that’s a good way for burn out,

Our life must go on evenly that our heart said not, false or mad.

But that’s the destiny….we must be a good player….coz we’re just played by….

MuRdEr of LoVe

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